Employment Opportunities

ReInvent The Wheel is a Mercedes-Benz parts business that started with a focus on used parts for 70’s and 80’s diesel models. We have since broadened our specialty to include models from 1953 to 1994, and sell both new aftermarket and new OEM parts. Through our efforts to provide every part our customers may need to restore their Mercedes-Benz, we have developed a large network of suppliers and the framework of a custom catalog system. This system, with further development, will allow us to increase the number of products in our catalog very quickly. It will also facilitate the ways that sales and inventory labor connects with our catalog, greatly increasing the efficiency of both. This fall we expect completion of a new warehouse that will allow for the physical increase in our inventory. These are the first steps towards greatly expanding our presence in the Mercedes parts niche and moving ReInvent The Wheel towards its true potential. To do so will require greatly expanding our team, and for that we need some additional management.

Since we are a small team tackling a wide variety of tasks, we need everyone here to be stellar at multitasking, self-motivation, and organization. If you get distracted or overwhelmed easily, you need not apply, as it won’t work for you or for us. If you thrive in chaos, can power through when there’s too much to do, and know how and when to seek support from your team, then please get in touch. You must be able to both take and give critical feedback well. It’s best if you have experience in non-corporate work environments, as we need people who don’t mind ‘picking up a broom’ figuratively or literally.

In order to keep the orders flowing out the door, and thus the money flowing in, all employees will cross-train in order fulfillment. Salvage employees will learn the ‘Shipping Agent’ position, and all Office employees will learn the ‘Sales Agent’ position.

Starting in 2019, we plan to start offering stock options and quarterly profit-sharing bonuses to full-time employees in all positions after one year of employment.

We have no tolerance for discrimination or harassment of any kind, whether it is based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, trans/gender identity, or anything else.

You must be willing to submit to drug testing for illegal drugs.
To apply for any of the positions below, fill out an application here and be sure to attach your resume

HIRING, Now and Soon

Operations & Sales Manager -- For immediate hire

Catalog & Website Manager -- Hiring for June

Sales Manager -- Hiring in August/September

Salvage Manager -- Hiring in August/September

Cross-Training Responsibilities

OFFICE: Sales Assistant

-Process newly submitted orders:

>Print invoices then file & notate or give to Shipping Agent

>Submit New Parts orders to suppliers & enter into cash flow

>Post tracking on drop-ship orders

>Capture cc payments

>Update order status

-Process incoming new parts

>Take photos & add to catalog as needed

>Match parts to invoices & give to Shipping Agent

-Process requests for returns & enter into Returns Database

-Answer phone calls

>Take messages

>Process orders/take payments

>Provide quotes for catalogued parts

>Enter requests into Parts Request Database

-Process cc payments for repair customers

-Follow up on Pending Orders

-Fill out, monitor & follow-up on Parts Request Database

-Assist with marketing campaigns

SHOP: Shipping Agent

-Retrieve ordered parts from inventory & check condition

-Package orders thoroughly

-Record package information on Ship Sheet

-Print shipping labels & affix to package

-Post tracking numbers as needed

-Deliver packages to post office

-Pick up/receive mail & sort

-Keep shipping area clean & organized

-Pick up boxes regularly/as needed

-Notify Office Manager when shipping supplies are low

-Fulfill customer requests for tracking info/package status

-Ship replacement returns as requested & update Returns Database