Shipping Information

Shipping Information

If you are trying to checkout and having errors with shipping, or you think that the rates provided by our automated system may be too high,
please contact us and we will do our best to help you sort it out.

Our shipping priorities are to give you the best service available at the lowest price. We strive to reuse packaging materials as much as possible, to keep our costs low as well as our environmental footprint. All packages include tracking information; all USPS packages will have an email automatically sent through Paypal with your tracking number. If you order freight please contact us for tracking information. We ship 5 days a week, but please note that our cutoff times are early in the day. We will usually ship within 1 business day. If you place your order after 10am your item may not ship until the following day. Larger items and rebuilds usually require an extra day for handling.

Small Packages: USPS
For all small domestic packages we ship via USPS. This is by far the most cost effective option.

Small Freight: GPX
For packages under 100lbs and below dimensional requirements we ship via Greyhound Package Express. This is by far the most cost effective option, as much as half the rates of LTL freight. The standard option available to to pickup from the nearest Greyhound station. Courier service is usually available to your residence or business for an additional $30-55. GPX freight has an additional 1-3 day delay for handling.

Large Freight: LTL

For packages over 100lbs or too large for GPX, we ship via Less-Than-Truckload freight through a freight logistics broker. Exact costs of LTL freight vary widely by location and additional services. We can give you a rough estimate before you place your order. Exact costs may not be available until your item is completely packaged. Be prepared for a 3-7 day handling and logistics delay on all LTL freight.

We insure all orders over $200 in value and all glass. If your order is under $200 in value and you would like your package insured, please contact us and we can add insurance for an additional fee.

International Shipping

Our international customers are very important to us
; we ship worldwide. Please note that your order may experience extended delays in customs, depending on the country you live in. These delays are unavoidable, as are the customs fees associated with importation.

Small Packages: USPS
We also ship via United States Postal Service for all small international packages, who then passes the package on to your country's postal service. Please note that the size restrictions for USPS international packages are much more limited than those imposed on domestic packages. Unfortunately there are many items that are simply not cost effective to ship international.

Freight: DHL

For larger packages to international customers we ship via DHL; larger items ship Ocean freight and smaller items usually ship Air Freight (we can ship Air with larger packages but it is much more expensive). Is is usually prohibitively expensive to have DHL handle the door-to-port and port-to-door freight costs; our standard practice is to transport it ourselves to the port and have the customer pickup from the nearest port (or hire a local freight company to do so). Please note that this option causes an additional delay of 1-2 weeks in getting your item to the port. We can get a rough estimate of shipping costs before you purchase; exact costs may not be available until your order is completely packaged. International freight is rarely under $350 or $400; if you have multiple purchases to make it is most cost effective to order them all at once. Please also be aware of your local customs policies; some countries have extremely high customs fees that may be cost-prohibitive in placing your order.