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If you are an independent shop that regularly works on classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles and you’d like an easier way to find parts for these cars, then please keep reading.
We’ve recently launched a wholesale parts distribution program for auto repair shops that order a decently-sized list of parts for at least one older Mercedes per month, or a smaller list for three to four cars per month. We know that parts for these vehicles are getting a lot tougher to find, and our primary mission is to make things easier for you, the Mercedes or European repair shop.

We are a specialty supplier of parts for classic Mercedes, from the ‘50s thru the ‘90s. Our goal is to answer "yes we can get that" to over 95% of parts requests for these vehicles.
We have a salvage yard at our headquarters in Oregon and work with a number of other salvage suppliers across the country and in Europe. We also supply new aftermarket and new OEM parts.

With our wholesale program you can spend more time working on the cars and making money and less time shopping all over for parts--you just send us a full list of parts needed for any older Mercedes that you're working on and we will be your one-stop shop.

Our pricing on salvage parts is competitive, as is our pricing on new OEM parts that you'd normally buy at your local dealership. Since we do a large volume of retail parts sales we get much better pricing on OEM parts than independent shops. For new aftermarket parts, we can't yet offer a discount below your pricing from your existing supplier (WorldPac, IMC, etc.) but we only charge a very small service fee that doesn't quite cover our labor costs.

Note that all prices listed on our website are retail prices and also that there are many many parts not listed in our online inventory.

If you'd like to signup for our wholesale program please fill out the form below to get started and one of our sales representatives will contact you shortly.


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