Warranties and Returns

By purchasing from us, you agree to the warranty policies below, as well as our Terms of Use Policy.


Parts Warranties and Returns

For warranty returns, malfunction of the part in question must be verified directly by MBZ Parts, or documentation provided by a licensed professional and then verified by MBZ Parts.

For all warranty claims, please contact us  with your order details.
A "warranty claim" means that the part either arrived defective or damaged, or it malfunctioned within its designated warranty period (detailed below).
This can also include an error on our part: if our listing had incorrect interchange information or we sent you the wrong part, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.
Returns must be shipped no later than 30 days after they are authorized or the return offer shall be null and void.

For returns of Used parts for all other reasons, if the item is shipped back to us within 30 days of delivery, we can refund the item cost minus a 15% restocking fee. No shipping charges will be refunded.

For New parts we will only offer a refund if the new part is defective or if the item was misrepresented and a replacement is not available--we do not offer warranty returns or replacements if the fault is the customer's.
All custom orders are non-refundable--only replacement warranties will be honored as above. This includes (but is not limited to) new upholstery, restored wood trim, refinished wheels, and custom rebuilt parts (such as servos, vacuum pumps, struts, and pumps.)

Cancellations requests can be granted per our discretion if made within 48 hours of placing your order if fulfillment of the order has not yet been initiated. If your cancellation request is made after 48 hours or after fulfillment has begun, then that is considered a return and is subject to all of the above conditions.

All warranty terms below begin on the date of delivery.

New Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts: 2-year Warranty
Aftermarket for Mercedes Parts: 2-year Warranty

This manufacturer warranty covers the part only, not the labor. If the part malfunctions, you will need proof of defect from a licensed professional. You will be financially responsible for sending the part back to us, and we will confer with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Used Mercedes Parts: 60-day Warranty

Rebuilt Mercedes Parts: 180-day Warranty
This warranty covers all Used and Rebuilt Mercedes-Benz parts from failure and from defects that were not described in the item description. You will be financially responsible for sending the part back to us.
Upon receipt and inspection of the part, we will ship an equivalent replacement part or, if a replacement is not available, refund the full cost of the item and shipping costs.

Used Mercedes Engines & Transmissions: 90-day Warranty

All engines & transmissions, unless noted otherwise in the item description, include a 90-day warranty. This covers all mechanical and electrical components of the engine or transmission but does not include accessory systems (air conditioning, cruise control, etc.). Customer must be able to verify proper installation and maintenance of the item up until date of the claim. Upon malfunction we will send an equivalent replacement component as soon as available; if a replacement component is not available within 30 days we will send a partial refund equivalent to replace that component. The cost of labor is not included in this warranty. Please also note that reduced performance is not included in this warranty, as you are purchasing used parts and they will perform as such.

Remanufactured Mercedes Engines: 18 months to 4 years: Does not apply to performance-modified engines
StockRebuilt Mercedes engines are warrantied to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship under normal usage and with regular maintenance as described by Mercedes-Benz and as listed below, subject to the following terms and conditions.
Length of Term
For rebuilt Mercedes engines, term depends on the engine and commences on the date of delivery, as follows:
For high-performance turbo-diesel engines, there is a one-year 20k mile warranty.
For all engines from 1973 and earlier there is an 18-month unlimited mileage warranty.
For all Mercedes-Benz engines from 1974 to 1982 there is a 3-year 36k mile warranty.
For Mercedes engines from 1983 on there is a 4-year 50k mile warranty.
The following exceptions apply: water pump is only guaranteed for one year, and fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps are only guaranteed for 2 years or 24k miles.
We reserve the right to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary, and reserve the right to do so without charge for the customer. All warranty claims must be authorized by us. Upon malfunction of any individual component, we will send an equivalent replacement component as soon as available; if a replacement component is not available within 60 days we will send a partial refund equivalent to replace that component.
For performance engines, we shall not be liable for the cost of labor for removal or installation of the motor unless performed at our facility, nor for any service not explicitly covered by this warranty policy.
For all other rebuilt engines, labor claims on pre-authorized repairs will be paid at 80% of book hours not to exceed $75/hr or a maximum of $1800.
We are not liable for any incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages, rental cars, or for any service not expressly provided for herein, relating to or arising from the rebuilt engine.
Engine Care
Taking care of a newly remanufactured Mercedes engine takes a lot of consideration. Please be advised that you will need to baby this motor for some time or you will void your warranty. We will provide break-in procedure guidelines on how to properly care for your rebuilt Mercedes-Benz engine. The customer is responsible for reviewing and following these guidelines as well as documentation of the break-in and maintenance.
Customer must be able to verify proper installation and maintenance of the item up until date of the claim, including proof that proper maintenance was performed during the break-in period.
Motor damage caused by any of the following shall void this warranty:
-failure of accessory components not included with the rebuilt motor;
-performance modifications to the fuel system or turbocharger;
-disassembly or separation of the longblock;
-failure to change fluids at appropriate intervals, maintain proper fluid levels, or any other action that does not comply with our recommended guidelines;
-overheating, lack of lubrication, engine management, faulty carburetion or fuel injection problems;
-internal corrosion/contamination from cooling system;
-any accident or misuse;
-engine used for competition, racing or related purposes;
-faulty accessory or service item, including all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical and engine controls system and all points, plugs, oil filter, belts & hoses;
-repair or remodel by any person other than an authorized repair facility, or to which any device or accessory not conforming to original manufacturer’s specifications has been installed;
-lack of periodic maintenance services required by the original manufacturer, including, after engine reaches operating temperature, re-torqueing of head bolts as required and readjusting valve clearance;
-oil and oil filter not changed within the first 600 miles and within every 3,000 miles thereafter;
-use of biofuels or of any fuel other than that which is recommended by Mercedes-Benz;
-installation into a non-OEM application.
Note that we will warranty installations of our rebuilt OM617 turbo-diesel high-performance engine in non-OEM applications only if we do the installation and initial 600 miles of break-in procedure at our shop in Merlin, OR.